October 8, 2012


Here are the slides I used in my workshop TEENching, about teaching teenagers.

May 29, 2012

My students' spoken comic strips

My students created captions for two cartoon strips about robots. After writing their captions, they took a photo of the cartoon strip, which was in their books, and recorded their lines using the educreations app for the ipad. BTW, they were supposed to include modal verbs/expressions of obligation, permission, and/or prohibition.

Thanks Dani Lyra for the great idea!

Check out the result and vote for your favorite: 

Leonardo, Gabriel and Alex:

Baby robot: Mom, I want to play soccer.
Mother robot: No, son. You have to do your homework.

Baby robot: But mom, my girlfriend is waiting for me.
Mother robot: Your what? You have a girlfriend?
Baby robot: Oh, God...

Julia and Safira:

Robot: I'm having emotional problems.
Psychologist: How? How come? You don't have a heart.
Robot: That is my problem. I really want a heart.
Psychologist: Sorry, you are in the wrong place. Go back to the robot factory.

Caio and Taciana:

Baby robot: Mom, I'm going out with my friends.
Mother robot: No, you will stay home. You must do your homework.

Larissa and Marcella:

Meanwhile, in a psychologist's office...
Psychologist: What's the matter?
Robot: Oh, Gosh, I may be rusty.

Ana and Letícia

Meanwhile, at Pink's house...
Baby robot: Bye, mom! I'm going to the best pool robot party in Metro Planet.
Mother robot: What? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You can't go. You are a robot, my little baby. Did you forget it?
Baby robot: C'mon, mom. All the coolest people will be there.
Mother robot: You mustn't go and that's it!
Baby robot: Uh, bye mom?

Izabella and Jordana:  

Meanwhile, in a psychologist's office...
Psychologist: What's the matter?
Robot: I think may have one missing screw.

Carol and Sérgio:   

Psychologist: Hello, man. What is your problem?
Robot: Well, doctor, I have some problems with my owner. I need to wash all his clothes, wash the dishes, clean his house and wash the dog. Also, he forgets that I can't get wet.
Psychologist: Yes, but you have to remember that he bought you to do this. Sorry, but I can't help you.

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