September 14, 2008

ProProfs vs Script-O

This month, my friend Erika Cruvinel and I are leading a discussion in the group Learning with Computers about creating and designing online exercises. In  this first week, I'll help participants create quizzes using two tools which I consider to be simple to be used yet extremely helpful: ProProfs and Script-O

I had alraedy used these tools, but haven't created anything new there for a few months, and, to my surprise, ProProfs has included a very interesting feature: the option of embeding the quizzes on webpages. Usually, these online exercises creating tools only give you a url for your quiz/exercises, but proprofs has just made the embeding option also possible. So now, I may link my quiz, the way I used to do, like this:

Or I cancopy the html code and emebed the quiz to my blog, wiki or any other webpage, like this:

Of course each tool has its own advantages, and there is something that I prefer in Script-O, which is a larger variety of question types. Whereas ProProfs only has 3 types of question (multiple choice, fill in the blanks and essay question), Script-O has 7 (true/false, single answer, multiple answer, simple cloze, fill answer, short answer and matching). Check out this example of a quiz created with Script-O.

So, it's up to the user to explore the tools and choose which one is most suitable for his/her needs. I, personally, like using both of them!

Stay tuned for my next comparison: Quia vs Hot Potatoes

You can also follow our activities for the Learning with Computers group by visiting our wiki, where participants will also fill in a table with advantages and disadvantages of each of the 6 online exercises creating tools we will explore in September.