April 25, 2008

Animoto: education program

Reading Larry Ferlazzo's blog, I learned about Paul Hamilton's post, where he also mentions three other bloggers who all talked about this great opportunity animoto has just given educators.

I have already blogged about animoto because it is a great website that puts together photos and a song in a very modern flash-like presentation. The thing is that the free version only lets you create 30-second videos, and in order to have an all-access account, with which you can create longer videos, you have to pay.

Well, the good news is that animoto has just announced the animoto education program, which gives all-access codes to educators and their students, as long as they promise to keep animoto updated on the innovative ways students use this tool.

Here is an example of an animoto video I have created with the pictures of our school's (Casa Thomas Jefferson) Teachers' Day celebration (Oct. 15, 2007). Turn up the volume!


kimberly Brown said...

I'm part of comment challenge. I'm interested in using Animoto with my students. I have the sites bookmarked but haven't had time to play. Your post is inspring me to get on it. My school division uses MacBooks so we use IMovie quite a bit.
Thanks for your post.
a.k.a. classroomqueen
Regina, SK, Canada

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

I'm glad this post was useful. Let me know later if you use animoto and how you like it.

WO said...

I love making these videos. The little 30-second clips got me hooked, so I got the unlimited annual subscription for $30, a great deal at that.

Animoto also offers a special pricing for schools, but if you can't wait, and want to save some money right now, I found a $5.00 coupon code, everyone else can save some money.

You can save $5.00 by using the Animoto coupon code cdnyxerb at the checkout.

Or you can go to:

Anonymous said...


This is Rebecca Brooks from Animoto. Thanks for write-up! Just wanted to let you know we today launched a revamped version of our edu site:


Be sure to check it out!

Take care,

Friday said...
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Friday said...

Does the education program allow DVD downloads as well?