September 14, 2008

ProProfs vs Script-O

This month, my friend Erika Cruvinel and I are leading a discussion in the group Learning with Computers about creating and designing online exercises. In  this first week, I'll help participants create quizzes using two tools which I consider to be simple to be used yet extremely helpful: ProProfs and Script-O

I had alraedy used these tools, but haven't created anything new there for a few months, and, to my surprise, ProProfs has included a very interesting feature: the option of embeding the quizzes on webpages. Usually, these online exercises creating tools only give you a url for your quiz/exercises, but proprofs has just made the embeding option also possible. So now, I may link my quiz, the way I used to do, like this:

Or I cancopy the html code and emebed the quiz to my blog, wiki or any other webpage, like this:

Of course each tool has its own advantages, and there is something that I prefer in Script-O, which is a larger variety of question types. Whereas ProProfs only has 3 types of question (multiple choice, fill in the blanks and essay question), Script-O has 7 (true/false, single answer, multiple answer, simple cloze, fill answer, short answer and matching). Check out this example of a quiz created with Script-O.

So, it's up to the user to explore the tools and choose which one is most suitable for his/her needs. I, personally, like using both of them!

Stay tuned for my next comparison: Quia vs Hot Potatoes

You can also follow our activities for the Learning with Computers group by visiting our wiki, where participants will also fill in a table with advantages and disadvantages of each of the 6 online exercises creating tools we will explore in September.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention. The supported question type list is incomplete. We support the following question types:
* True/False
* Multiple Choice (single answer)
* Multiple Choice (multiple answer)
* Fill in the Blank
* Short Answer
* Essay


Ronaldo Lima Jr. said...

Dear Sameer,

thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I'm really glad to hear that proprofs has 6 types of questions, but I can still find only 3...
when I click "create a scored quiz" and fill in title and description, I can see the option "add more questions: Choose type of question to add" and then I can see only three buttons: multiple choice, fill in the blank and essay type.

I'd be more than glad if you could clarify where to find the other types.

Kindest regards from Brazil!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronaldo,

Appreciate your follow on question.

The other question types are variants in the same. Example: "True/False" is a multiple choice question with just two options "True" or "False". Similarly if you give a question 4 options and select only 1 option as answer, it is a single answer multiple choice question. The quiz taker will be shown a radio button to select just one option as answer in this case. If you select more than one option as correct answer, it automatically becomes a multiple answer style question where quiz taker is shown checkbox against each option instead of radio button. We have used this design approach to make things simpler for the user. However we listen intently for feedback & act on it, so feel free to let us know if we confused you instead.

Question types are also mentioned in our tour at:
Please see the "Questions" tab.

Anonymous said...

Ronaldo, As another example, please note that when you select Essay style question, you can select the word limit to make it short or long answer style question. We felt that powering flexibility through the same interface would lead to a cleaner design and easier to user interface. It also gives flexibility to quiz author to convert a question from one type to another on the fly, rather than being locked in like some of the other tools. Example, increase word count on short answer to make it long answer or change options of "True/False" to "Yes/No" etc.

Would love your feedback on this approach! One clear carry back for me from your post is that we need to provide a Help Guide to show how to use this.

By the way, you have a fantastic blog!

Ronaldo Lima Jr. said...

Wow, I never imagined this post would be so fruitful (especially to me!).

Sameer, thanks for the follow on answers. I gotta say that I could have figured out the true/false and short/long essay questions by myself, but I wouldn't imagine that we could select more than one correct option in the multiple choice to creat a "multiple correct" item. I know I should have taken the tour, but since I consider myself a little tech savvy (what a mistake...), I didn't.

I totally agree that a clean (and thus non-threatening to beginners) interface is instrumental, but maybe there could be something to indicate these (very nice!) possibilities. I'm not an expert (just a user), but maybe an icon next to each button that opens a little explanation box when you hover your mouse over it, or some extra words in the buttons, like "multiple choice/correct" or "short answers/essay questions" could help.

I'm glad proprofs is open to feedback and ready to assist.

Warmest regards!

Susana Canelo said...

Wow !!!
Thanks Ronaldo. I want to have more time to explore these tools...But sameer's answers are just fantastic. Having him taking part in our group sessions is just a "luxury".
A hug

Anonymous said...

Ronaldo: Got it. Thanks! We'll add some tool tips and write up some help guides for this. Appreciate your feedback!

Susana: Thank you. My pleasure to be part of this conversation on this wonderful blog.

Ronaldo Lima Jr. said...

Hi Susana!
Thanks for dropping by.
I totally agree with you, and this is one the things that get me thrilled about educational technology. Everybody is so willing to help and to connect. You see, I write a post with one intention and end up initiating this incredible conversation.

Thanks again, Sammer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronaldo

A couple of other things that I really like about ProProfs (I haven't used Script-O for years and can't remember if it has the same features or not):
You can put pictures into your quiz and there's even a button to allow you to directly embed Flickr photos. An example here in my Classroom Language for Teachers activity (though the first picture isn't a very good one - must change it!)
I just love the stats and score reports that you get. And the map of where your quizzees (just made that word up!) are.
And lastly the fact that people come to the quiz both through my website and from ProProfs itself is really nice. It creates a much bigger 'quizzeedom'!!

And by the way, your blog is great. I especially love the name of it. Another good name would be "wellitworkedearlier" :))

Ronaldo Lima Jr. said...

Hi Johanna!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving this precious comment. I had never used ProProfs with flickr and I simply love this idea.
I also agree with you that embedding the quiz to your webpage is a wonderulful feature.

Thanks for the kind words about my blog!

Anonymous said...
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