February 13, 2009

Getting serious on Twitter

I created my twitter account last year, but didn't really pay much attention to it. One of my new year's resolution, though, was to begin twittering more seriously, so here is a little report on my first month tweetering more seriously.

Getting (seriously) started:

What helped getting serious about twittering was downloading a desktop application. It is definitely not convinient to keep updated with your twitter by trying to be connected to the website all the time. Also, the desktop applications have more feaetures and with easier and faster navigation. 

Ironically, I got application suggestions using twitter. @carlaarena suggested twihrl, and @dudeneyge recommended tweetdeck. I tried both, liked both, but ended up choosing the latter, which made my following life much easier and more active.

An important detail: before downloading any of these applications, you have to download and install Adobe Air.

Extra connection:

Something that can also add extra connection is syncronizing your tweets with your facebook status. On facebook, search for the twitter application and allow it, then every update you post on twitter is automatically sent to your status on facebook. 

This way, I could get two partners for an online project who read my tweet on facebook and commented on my status asking how to get involved.

Twitter in education:

In this one month twittering more seriously, I could learn about many tools, watched many interesting (and amny funny!) videos, got some ideas and could share and help a little too. 

There were two tweets so far that particularly called my attention: one from @sethdickens, sharing this 50 ideas on using twitter for education blog post; and another retweeted by @tweet4education, sharing this Nineteen interesting ways to use twitter in the classroom presentation.

You're no one if you're not on Twitter:

Finally, what inspired my to write this blog post was a link to a youtube video sent via twitter by @jamesclay, from which I listened for the first time to the song "You're no one if you're not on Twitter", by Ben Walker, which is very funny and so true.

So listen to the song, read the lyrics and, if you're still not on twitter, I suggest you begin seriously thinking about becoming someone...

I you would like to join my Twitter network, I'm ronaldojunior there.


susanacanelo said...

Hi Ronaldo:
it sounds interesting !!
I haven't been using Twitter enough, I guess. And now with Facebook I feel there are so many tools to manage (In spite of Gavin complaints, he prefers Twittering).
Your post has got a huge amount of ideas and I'll explore them.
Thanks for sharing.
A huge hug from Argentina

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Yes, I have to admit I was reluctant for a long time, but now, with one month twittering more seriously I'm already feeling its usefulness and power.

Thanks for commenting!




Have to confess am one of the ones not in twitter, haven't been able to see the point - and still don't get it. I smiled at the song though!

Why is it better than facebook for sending links and updating status etc? While I hear about Twitter a lot, I just don't get it ;-), enlighten me!

Elysio Soares said...

Hey! Isn´t it interesting the way things happen? When I first saw you twittering I imagined you had been doing so for ages! The way things happen online and kind of make us dive into new tools and environments is what really catches my attention. Good and useful post! As usual... CONGRATS!

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey Karenne,

thanks for spicing up this post

Well, for one thing I think twitter has more of an "instant" feel when compared to facebook, so it is incredible for polls and questions.

If you see my status on facebook right now, you will notice I just dropped your question there, let's wait a little and see if I get responses and I'll post them here, we're doing a live experiment...

Because of this instant aspect you could, in your class, ask a question to your network, and ss can see live replies appearing. You can also use the twitter search engine to see what people are saying about a specific topic right now. Another interesting fact is the RT (re-twitter) feature, which can make a single tweet reach many more people than your facebook contacts.

Lastly (for now), here are 10 positive points taken from the 50 ideas link in my post:

• Twitter helps one organize great, instant meetups (tweetups).
• Twitter works swell as an opinion poll.
• Twitter can help direct student’s attention to good things.
• Twitter in the classroom helps people build an instant “backchannel.”
• Twitter breaks news faster than other sources, often (especially if the news impacts online denizens).
• Twitter gives institutions a glimpse at what status messaging can do for an organization. Remember presence in the 1990s?
• Twitter brings great minds together, and gives everyone daily opportunities to learn (if you look for it, and/or if you follow the right folks).
• Twitter gives your critics a forum, but that means you can study them.
• Twitter helps with staff development, find other teachers.
• Twitter can augment parent feedback.

I'll write another comment again as soon as I get a few responses to the question I asked.

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey Elysio, you're right, the speed new tools appear is amazing! I'm also fascinated by that.

Thanks for the comment!

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

To Karenne and others interested:

Here is the link to a wiki created by my colleague Carla Arena with many interesting ideas and resources:


joseantonio said...

Hello Ronaldo,
Twitter really keeps you connected. I also have discovered many things via twitter. It is really your share button. Many times you are reading something interesting online and you would like to share it with some friends and twitter is just the tool to do it. I have not used twitdeck yet.
After reading your post, I am tempted to do it.
All the best

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey JA, thanks for commenting. Yes, twitter is definitely a great tool for collaborating and sharing. I also think you should give tweet deck a try.



Hi Ronaldo -

Wow, that was some fast polling and answering in-depth.

Thanks so much for doing that.

Have bookmarked the twittering wiki and am putting twitter on my list of things to do as soon as my inbox reduces a wee bit.

Golly! Am so impressed. (And feeling decidedly untechie and unhip now).


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hi again Karenne!

Well, I have to confess I didn't6 get as many replies as I thought I would, but I still think there is a lot in twitter that makes a powerful tool.

I have learned a lot from the links published there and by sharing some links I can also expand my network. So hope to see you twittering soon!