February 6, 2009

Hornby Summmer School - Sán Nicolás Argentina

The British Council, through the Hornby Educational Trust, funded one more Latin America Regional School, held in Sán Nicolás, Argentina, between Jan 21 and Jan 30, and whose topic was Mind the gap: new technologies and teacher training.There were almost 30 participants from 7 different countries in Latin America, all enthusiastic about learning more web tools for language learning/teaching.

The 10 days of hard work were wisely led by Gavin Dudeney and Nik Peachey and I was glad to be a participant and presenter, which was a great role: learning a lot and also sharing.

I delivered a session about blogs, wikis and google docs and was happy to see many participants creating their blogs and wikis and sometimes including them in their final Action Plan. Here are some of the blogs and wikis created by Hornby 2009 participants:

Besides exploring web tools that can be used to enhance language learning/teaching, the participants were able to build/expand their networks. I am hopeful that many projects will be developed due to these 10 days spent together in Argentina.

I would like to thank the British Council for this opportunity and complimment the BC office in Buenos Aires for the impeccable job organizing this Hornby School.

Read more about Hornby Regional School 2009 in Argentina.


Frank in Mexico said...

Ronaldo, thanks so much for spreading the love. That is what networking is all about. What a wonderful opportunity the Hornby Regional School is. I still struggle with wikis, so I am going to poke around those that you and your group created so that I can learn more. Every example offers something new and meaningful.

It has been a pleasure connecting with you and Carla (Carla and I have been networked for quite a while now while she was in the USA). I am excited about the possibilities of collaborating on some student project that develop 21st century skills.

I am also interested in inviting Latin American educators into Second Life for professional development at the META teacher training retreat center on Virtlantis Island. Poco a poco of course.

Muchísimas Gracias
Frank Stonehouse Lupo
Mexico English Teachers' Alliance (META)

Gavin Dudeney said...


It was a great two weeks, to be sure. I'm missing everyone still! Keep up the good work!


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey Frank, thanks for the comment. You know, one of my goals for 2009 is to go deeper in SL and try to explore its educational uses, so I think you could help me a lot with this. About your struggle with wikis, you could join the hornby playground wiki (http://hornby2009playground.pbwiki.com/ - click "edit" and then request permission) and play around it. I can help you if you have any difficulties. And yes, let's get involved in some students online projects, it's great to have Carla back in Brasília and she is also super excited about starting new projects.

Talk to you later!


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Really nice to meet you, Gavin. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

Hope to meet you f2f again some other time!



Hello, friends from Hornby 2009. This is one of the greatest opportunity life gives you and you must take it. Thank you all. I learned a lot from all of you. Another wiki created at hornby2009 tdptraining.wetpaint.com. Waiting for contribuitions.

Best regards. Elizabethvides

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hi Elizabeth!

Thanks for the comment. I agree this Hornby School was a great opportunity to all of us.