February 22, 2007

Teachers love music, don't they

Hey guys, Isabel Perez suggested in her synchronous session this site Radio.Blog.Club - and it is wonderful because it treats the songs just like youtube treats videos, i.e. you can get an html code for the song you want and simply add the player with the song to your blog, wiki, site, etc. For example, here goes the song played wile I walked down the aisle on my wedding day (yes, the groom also walks down the aisle in Brazil) - but with no singer, just the band and a saxophone... listen, imagine and cry... =)


Moira said...

Oh how romantic!!!

Are all men in Brazil like this or are you the exception? I thought they were all football crazy ;-))

A great, great blog :-))))

It's been great 'getting to know you' in these six weeks!!!

Anonymous said...

You can't be more romantic! Lucky woman your wife :)
I also visit radio blog, but sometimes I cannot find the song I like :(
Love from Argentina, Nelba

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful couple!!

Hugs, from Mexico


Carla Arena said...

Dear Ronaldo,

First, let me tell you that the name of your blog is totally WRONG!!! Yes, it is. It should be IT WORKS!

I like the layout. The sidebar is clean. And the page really tells who you are.

Moira, let me tell you that there are some romantic, very nice guys like Ronaldo in Brazil. But let me tell you a sad truth: the ones like him are in their majority already married!!! His wife is really lucky. I also was a lucky woman to find a Brazilian, musician, romantic, dedicated husband!

Ronaldo, let me tell you that Erika and I are extremely happy to have you and José Antônio in BaW. We're not alone any more and the Webheads community is growing in town! Great, isn't it? I'm sure your students will be delighted with such a skillful teacher!

Count on me for anything you need!

Oh, just a question? How about copyright, autorship issues if you include a song on your blog. Is it Ok to do it with this radio plugin? I'd love to know more about it.

Beijos from great Key West,


Hala said...

You ,cheater!!!
Hey, I thought I will find a blog hoped by you to wrok, but this one really WORKED!!!!!
I love it here!
I envy your wife of having such a romantic husband!!!
Welcome to the webheadsphere!

Erika Cruvinel said...

Hello Ronaldo

Your blog looks great and the radio blog player is a fabulous tool!

Carla, Ronaldo and I were discussing copyright yesterday and YES it is a big issue, but Radio Blog Club is just like YouTube and Google Video. They give us the code to embed anywhere, so if it is already available, can't we just use it? I know many people will not agree with me, but I really don't have money to buy all the songs and videos I want my students to watch and learn from...
We are even considering creating some activities in Quia with the Radio Blog player. What do you all think?

mmvcentro said...

Dear Ronaldo:
I enjoyed very much your my visit, you have a wonderful place.
I agree with the rest of the girls, your wife is lucky to have a husband like you.

Have you ever thought about giving lessons?
I know some men that could be your students and a million women that would appreciatte that you shared your 'Ronaldo's way with women'
Love: Maru

Dennis said...

Olá, Ronaldo!

What a wonderful blog! I love the way it looks--the slide show, the graphics, the color scheme, the well-organized sidebar, and so on and on and on!

I agree with Ángeles B that you and your wife make a beautiful couple!

I especially enjoyed hearing the Michael Bolton song. I'm always surprised when I see that he has blond hair and blue eyes!

I also agree with Carlinha: you should change the name of the blog to "It Works!"

I look forward to seeing exciting and innovative things here.

Best wishes--

Dennis (in Phoenix)

Nina said...

Oh Ronaldo,

Your blog is fabulous. I will visit with it again to learn from you.

I enjoy music you adde to your blog. Thanks a million.

Stay happy and be that romantic as you long life.

Nina from Ukraine