February 22, 2007

Voice Week

I don't know if it is because I am a musician, but I simply LOVED the voice week!!!

Here are the links to two threads I have participated in. So listen, have fun and join in:

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Moira said...

Hi Ronaldo,

I am SOOOO happy you loved the Voice Week!!!

I've listened to your Springdoo message and it's clear and the webcam is good too. I haven't put my lipstick on yet, but will leave a message once I've found it ;-)

I would now try and reposition your webcam. I am guessing that it is sitting on your desk just in front of you screen. If it's not one that you can 'sit' on top of the screen, try taping it to the top of your screen or putting it on a stack of books next to your screen? This way, you will look more towards the webcam and therefore 'address' your listeners more directly. Hope that helps - it's an excellent quality here!