February 21, 2007

Welcome to my test!!!

Hello everybody. This is a blog created to test the things I have learned (or maybe have been learning - I am sure this is going to be an everlasting ongoing process =)) at BAW07. So feel free to surf around the tools, and PLEASE leave comments, send me an e-mail, or make any other kind of contact (I'm just afraid smoke signals and the batman call won't be very effective).

That's it! Have fun!


Anonymous said...

I learned about your Blog from Webheads. Moira gave us a tour during a CPsquare Communities of Practices workshop.

I like you blog. It works!


Preston Lathrop
Brooklyn, NY

Nina said...

You have been doing great ever since you've created this blog. Thanks a lot for all the tools you've added to it.

The best,

Nina Lyulkun