February 12, 2008

Creating comic strips

Pixton is a website that allows you to create comic strips. The fun thing is that they let you change some features of the stick characters and, in the advanced editing options (which doesn't mean "for advanced users" for it is very intuitive and user-friendly), they also have some very cool pre-set objects and backgrounds that can be added to the scenes.

Check out this one I created for Baw08ers that feel overwhelmed with the quantity of tools suggested and explored. You can also remix my comic strip!


Saša said...

Lovely comic, useful advice. :-) Hugs from Slovenia

Nina Liakos said...

It's been said before but can never be said too many times.
A hug from sleety Maryland

Loreley said...

Excellent idea! I'm doing that and you also gave me the idea of opening a blog with reflections about BaW and also the other 2 courses I'm taking... so much to do and so little time! This week I've fallen behind but I will catch up sooner or later, with your great piece of advice. See you soon,

Anonymous said...

IT'S TRUE!! I took EVO 08 , Becoming Webheads and I must have understood 1% of what was being discussed. (I MEAN IT!) , but throughout the academic year I'm becoming more and more familiar with the tools and I've started to use some of them, and eventually most of them! Stella (from Argentina)

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

I'm so glad abou that, Stella. It is a matter of being patient and persistence. With time and practice things start getting familiar.
Hope to see you around in EVO 2009!