February 9, 2008

Photo slideshows

Here goes my first update in 2008!

Working with Carla Arena and Erika Cruvinel at Casa Thomas Jefferson as one of our website content managers, one of our jobs is to cover the events that happen at our school and publish them in our website. For a long time, we have been using free photo slideshows to do this, for example slide (my favorite), bubbleshare, picture trail, rock you (I know JA loves this one) and others. Here is an example of a slideshow of our Thanksgiving celebration we created using slide:

However, in mid 2007, through the LWC group (Learning With Computers), I discovered animoto - a website that creates a more modern photo presentation, and all you have to do is add the pictures and choose a song from their song bank (or upload your own song). Animoto already has a group of effects that are added to your video according to beat of the song used. You can create an unlimited number of 30-second videos for free, or pay (not much) to create longer videos. Here is an example of a video I created about CTJ's Teachers' Day party (Oct. 15, 2007). Turn up the volume:

After you create the video, you can send the link by email, get the html code to embed it (just as I have done here) or download it and use it any other way you would like.

Have fun!


joseantonio said...

Hi Ronaldo,
I really like Animoto. I haven´t used it yet, but I plan to do it with my groups this semester.
Your blog has a funny name, especially because you are such a great blogger and so tech savvy that it always does. However, we always ask ourselves if the activities we design will work. From this perspective, we would always have a blog with a name sokilar to this one.
About yur 21classes blog, it looks promising. I will try to follow it and try to learn with you.

Teresa said...

Hi, Ronaldo!
Animoto is a very cool tool. I think I'll use it with my students, just don't know how yet. May be something with vocabulary: uploading pictures they have to identify. They'll love having music, I'm sure.
Hugs, Teresa

Maru said...

Hi Ronaldo!

I found animoto a bit staggering or maybe I am just tired, it made me feel dizzy! the music is great!!
Since Baw07 I liked the name of your blog.

Congrats!! Love: Maru