February 9, 2008

I'm back!

Hello world (again)!

It's good to be back. I created this blog exactly one year ago as I was taking my first EVO session ever - Becoming a Webhead 2007. I created it as a place to test the tools we were working with, and now, as I am engaged in Becoming a Webhead 2008, reading people's blogs and wikis made feel like taking blogging more seriously. I've worked a lot with blogs with my students in 2007 (check links on the right), but I never had my own personal blog, so I decided to make this one my own personal weblog for edutech and other EFL/ESL experiences and issues.

Questions, comments, criticisms, suggestions and advice are all more than welcome. Also feel free to to subscribe my blog to your reader for I'm determined to keep it updated.

And if this is your first visit to my blog, don't forget to add yourself to my frappr map.

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