February 11, 2008

A little more on slideshows

This one was suggested by webhead Rita Zeinstejer.

GifUp is a "gif animation" and "avatar generator" website. What I particularly liked about it is the fact that it creates a nice photo slideshow with pictures taken from your webcam, uploaded from your computer, or searched from any website (a flickr search is already included).

In this example, I used the "Create an animation from Flickr images" option. I typed the word "Brasília" (my hometown), clicked on the pics I actually wanted in my animation, and that's it! My animation was ready with html code and a link to advertise my animation. I probably spent some whole 2 minutes doing everything.

GIF animations generator gifup.com


Maru said...

Hi again Ronaldo!

I loved it!!!
Brazilia is beautiful, I did not know it was so modern.

Thanks for the trip to your hometown.
Love: Maru

Blogging Gems said...

GIFUP sounds so similar to GIVE UP! I don't think that's a favorable name.