February 27, 2008

Evoca + skype

Hello everyone!

I have just learned that evoca has a new feature - a skype call recorder. I know that it is possible to record skype calls using Audacity (some people report having difficulties recording both ends of the call) and powergramo, but recording a call with evoca was extremely simple.

All you have to do it create an evoca account and add evoca-skype-recorder as your skype contact. When you are in a call, you add the evoca contact to the call, and that's it! Your call recording will be stored in your evoca account. The first time you use it, you have to confirm your evoca account through a link sent to you through a skype message (it takes a few seconds).

Here is my first skype call recording, it's me and Nina Liakos:

The only pitfall is that you can only record up to 15 minutes for free. To record more than that you have to go pro in evoca and pay $29.95 a year.


Nina Liakos said...

Wow, Ronald, the quality is great! It's really funny to listen to this conversation that we just had. I haven't checked my evoca account yet.

Barbara Dieu said...

Wonderful, Ronaldo. The voice is loud and clear. Thanks for the tip!

Maria Irene said...

The recording is really clear, even your laugh sounds great.
Thanks for the tip.

Murem said...

Thanks for mentioning how easy it is to record Skype calls using Evoca (Evoca with a "V" - Spanish for "to evoke". The "how to get it" is here: http://evoca.com/skype/. You can also add the EvocaMic in-browser recorder to invite audio comments. They come in as private comments for screening and then you can publish them online. Login to your My Home page; click on the "My account" link and then “tools>Evoca Browser Mic" See: http://www.evoca.com/myaccount/recorder.jsp. For anyone who wants to use our media platform (API + integrated VoIP telephony) they can read more about it at: http://www.evoca.com/services-ems.php

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey Murem, you see, I always proofread posts so carefully, but I never proofread the title... that's a lesson I won't forget!
Thanks for calling my attention and for all the additional information on Evoca.

Nergiz said...

Hi Ronaldo, hi Nina

Wonderful recording. Yesterday, I wanted to try the same thing. Good to see/hear that it works. The sound quality is good.
Too bad that only 15 minutes are free...

Annie said...

Great stuff, Evoca is so clear and I'll definitely try it.
About your chat! Can I add my 2 cents? I am a native English speaker who has learned Spanish and Portuguese and I understand why Spaniards don't understand Portuguese. It is because there is a far more restricted range of sounds in Spanish while Portuguese is really rich in both vowel and consonant sounds and these sounds are different from the standard pronunciation you find in other languages. The Spaniards have great difficulty in understanding Portuguese unless they have had formal tuition. The Portuguese pick up the simpler Spanish sounds quite intuitively.

S3S!OW said...

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Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey Annie, thank you for those valuable two cents!

That really makes sense!

Maru said...

Hi Ronaldo and Nina!
It works very well, I will try it. I am very excited for your both, you will meet f2f!!! Wonderful!
Thanks for the tips. Please let us know the answers to your questions. Is the recording on both accounts?

I do not know who "s3s!ow" is but I may try that too.

What I found was VoipBuster, http://www.voipbuster.com
It works like Skype but you can call to a house/regular phone to the following contries for free.

Andorra, Australia, Austria,Belgium,Canada, Chile, Cyprus,Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,Finland,France,Guam,Hong Kong(+mobile),Hungary,Iceland,Ireland,Israel,Italy,Japan,
Luxembourg,Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands,New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Portugal,Puerto Rico (+mobile),
Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland,Taiwan
United States (+mobile)

Mexico is not included. Snif! =(

Hala said...

Hi Ronaldo,
Thanks for what you shared with us share . I am meeting up with a friend using Skype and recording it with evoca, your style!lol
Congratu's on going to NY!
I smile when I read your tile! It REALLY Worked!!
Hala ( Sudan)

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Thank you Maru and Hala.
Yes, Hala, this is the feeling I guess all of us have when testing new tools (I hope it works...).

Berta said...

Wonderful recording, Nina and Ronaldo. I enjoyed listening to you both enormously.
I agree, Nina, Ronaldo´s English is great. You rock, Ronaldo.
Nina, please let us know about Ronaldo´s presentation after Tesol. I wish I could be there too with all of you ... maybe next year.
Nina, I didn´t know you were from New Jersey originally. Great recommendation to take the Circle Line tour. I took it like 30 years ago, ha, ha ... also took another to Bear Mountain, was it? I spent a couple of months in New York at that time, took an ESL course at Columbia, wow, ages ago when I finished high school.

Thanks both for this recording, the tips on how to do it and how to use Evoca.

All the best,

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Thanks, Berta!
I'm glad this blog can be helpful.

Thanks for the visit and comments!

Thaiis said...

Hi Ronaldo
Thanks for the visit on my blog...

Pity that you can not have a dog cause have one at home is very good ...
Bob is puddle ...I think it is an appropriate animal to take into apartments because most are still ,don't mess and don't bark...

I'm going to visit your student's blog...

PDonaghy said...

Hello Ronaldo
I didn't even know about evoca so thanks for the tip!
PS: you might be interested in adding your blog information to the new International Edubloggers Directory at http://edubloggerdir.blogspot.com
and become our first member from Brazil!

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

The directory looks great!
I'll surely have my blog added.